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Professional Estate Appraisals

“Most of us are woefully unprepared when a loved one passes.”  Clinton Beck

We are often overwhelmed with the massive task of settling an estate.  An estate appraisal can set your mind at ease as our professional team of estate appraisal experts guide you through this difficult process.

Why Personal Property Estate Appraisals?

The Importance Of A Quality Estate Appraisal

Estate appraisals are used by executors and administrators of estates for valuing antiques and items for distribution to family members.  This is done so everyone gets a fair share. They are also used by lawyers, accountants, gift trusts, trustees, charities, and museums.

“We help you find the treasure”

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100+ Years Of Experience

Beck Estate Services offers a variety of appraisal services. We excel in providing timely, formal appraisals for estate tax and probate purposes. Our renowned team of specialists and professional staff bring years of experience to each appraisal.

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What Is A Personal Property Appraiser?

An appraiser is a valuation expert. There are all types of appraisers: real estate, business valuation and personal property. Personal property consists not only of antiques and the fine and decorative arts but also gems and jewelry and even machinery and equipment- in other words, all tangible property.


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When The Government Needs An Appraisal they call Beck’s

The Beck group of companies have appraised historical artifacts for all levels of government in Canada.  We have also done appraisals for museums.







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The City of Edmonton Chain Of Office Appraisal

Wild Rose Antique Collector Society President Clinton Beck appraised the Edmonton Chain of Office. It was designed and manufactured by Max Podluzny in the 1980s and is a symbol that recognizes the city’s beginning as a Hudson Bay Co. post. The badges & links are engraved gold & silver. A prime beaver pelt was selected as the bed of the chain (the badges & chain are mounted on a leather strap which attaches to the pelt) to reflect the city’s location on the North Saskatchewan River. Badges represent the Navy, Army & Air Force units and the Police Forces who have served or been involved in the city. These badges represent the thousands of Edmontonians who have made the supreme sacrifice to preserve freedom and our way of life. No other chain of office anywhere in the world is known to contain this message.


Insurance Appraisals

Insurance appraisals are done for your insurance company.  These valuations are based on the cost of replacing an item (i.e. the item’s worth). Full-color digital photographs are included in the appraisal in order to make each object easily identifiable.

Estate Appraisals & Liquidations

Our first step is to provide you an assessment of value prior to sale. We offer all types of appraisals for personal property and fine jewelry for a variety of purposes, including fair market value and insurance replacement appraisals.

Our unique approach to personal property liquidation goes beyond the concept of a traditional, on site “estate sale” or auction house sale. We use a variety of sales venues to liquidate including:

• Internet auctions and listing services, general and specialized
• Dealer sales, private collectors
• Consignment to local, national and international auction houses and galleries

By finding the best venue for the sale of each item through our network of contacts, we maximize your financial return and provide you peace of mind. Your needs and ultimate satisfaction are paramount to us, and we tailor each estate appraisal engagement accordingly.  Click here to visit Beck Auctions.